Is AI a must have skill for the future?

Reading too much Elon Musk is likely to be the dangers of AI, says Sophia as she chuckles.  

                                                                 Sophia (AI)    

As I was skimming through the articles & videos of and related to artificial intelligence to understand the gist of it, an internal debate had been running at the back of my head if this is a threat to the human race. Listening to Sophia, it doesn’t seem like a threat to me.  

Okay, Wait, for now!

We as individuals want to be the most advanced in terms of tech and skills, and often tend to forget the downsides of it. AI is nothing but the simulation of humans processed by a machine. It learns about humans over a while, by tracking their daily activities, choices, likes, and dislikes, etc. For example, I am a person who likes to click pictures of animals and flowers while strolling in the streets. Imagine my phone learning this about me, and every time I walk past a dog or a cat, notifying me to click a picture of the dog nearby, which is probably peeing over a bike stand.

         Some say AI is a dystopian science fiction while others think of it as the only future. I’m wildly optimistic about building a better society that is embedded up and down with machine intelligence. Before we arrive at a decision, it is essential for us to look at the pros and cons of it.

       AI can act as sous chefs to help create novel flavors, assisting farmers in crop management to increase efficiency, decrease human efforts put into activities such as product inspection, quality control, reduce material waste, and so forth in the manufacturing industry. 

 In the meanwhile, AI has been racially discriminating humans, confusing humans for animals and more importantly, invading one’s private life while it is trying to learn. After all, having just good intentions are not good enough.

        Looking ahead, many institutions have come up with courses for individuals to grade up their skills as most companies now offer jobs with the primary requirement as Machine Learning. Although, I don’t see it as the only future as there needs to be a ton of work to be done upon. Due to unexplained questions such as, why do we dream?, it is unrealistic for us to think of AI as a Human replica. I believe AI is to be trained using unbiased data and develop easily explainable algorithms to reduce the damage caused on the human race.

        As much as I believe that artificial intelligence is a man-made science that every growing industry needs to learn and adapt, I think we should be considering and respecting one’s choice and privacy, only then we may call it the FUTURE. In areas where we see it as a threat, we can always go back to using Control systems.

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