Top 5 Wood Working Power Tools you need!

Woodworking is not just carpentry but a skill to build anything and everything using the oldest material available to man-WOOD- with the aid of tools. With woodworking, you can build whatever you can imagine.

If your mind can conjure it, you can build it.

No doubt, both hand tools and power tools can help you build beautiful objects but working with power tools is much more time effective. They help you to build faster with precision. Beginners and amateurs may wonder which tools to pick or buy when they are just starting out and it could be confusing with so many options out there. Moreover, power tools take up space and are heavy on the pocket. Worry not, we have a list of 5 tools you must have in your wood shop. Read on to find more and build amazing things:

  1. Circular Saw

The most common handheld power tool- you may have seen it in the hands of your carpenter. This tool is specially designed to cut the wood but could also be used to cut other materials- you just need to change the blade.

What is it used for: This tool is used to make a straight cut (rip cut and cross cut) but use it with a fence, and you may achieve the accuracy of a Table Saw. It can also handle few other tasks that a table saw can do. The depth of blade is adjustable, and it can also be used to make a bevel cut. A multi-purpose tool.

2. Electric Drills




There are different types of the drill- cordless drill, power drill, bench pillar drill. The image on the left is of a cordless power drill while the one on the right is called a Bench Drill- a much safer drill, easier to use but limits the movement since its fixed.

What is it used for: The drill is used to make hole in various materials with different drill bits or driving screw with driving bits. You’ll usually find 3 types of bits- one for wood, one for concrete and one for metal.

3. Jig Saw 

You could find a cordless or a wired version of this Saw. This also happens to be my favourite tool.

What is it used for: This tool can make really complicated circular or curved patterns and just like that your woodworking projects can have an added feature. You can even make your whole object with just a Jig Saw. A band saw could also be used but we prefer the jigsaw.

4. Table Saw 

Image result for Table saw

An expensive tool but the centrepiece of every woodwork shop. You need this to make accurate cuts.

What is it used for: It can be used to do almost anything- rip cuts, bevel, making a rabbet or a dado cut and even cross-cut with the help of a cross cut sled. You can make a cross-cut sled all by yourself- the next project for us.

5. Compound Mitre Saw

Image result for compound mitre saw


After a Table saw the next accurate, easy to use tool is compound mitre saw. It’s easier to work with than a Table Saw but has its own limitations.

What it is used for:  This is a tool designed to make cross cuts. You could also use it to make different cuts with it-such as mitre cut, bevel cut or the combination of both. While jig saw and table saw can only make bevel cuts.

So here you go, have these 5 tools in your wood shop and you are all set. Or head over to our Maker Space and use them at a minimal cost. Our wood shops are equipped with many more power tools and you can build almost anything from this. Check out two of our builds:


A pantry table made with reclaimed wood and CSB!
TT Stand
TT Stand fo no more misplaced balls!

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