Stories, Media and Maker Spaces

Are maker spaces only about tinkering with electronics, programming or wood working? No. We believe, maker spaces and maker movement is not about the tools or technology but about the mindset. And stories and media play an important role in building this mindset.

Working on multimedia projects build transferable skills among the students- creativity, planning, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, organising- are only some of them.

Here is a list of ideas that you can take back in your Maker Space and help foster the maker mindset in a fun and engaging way using multimedia and storytelling tools.

  • Digital and Interactive Storytelling: There are so many ways to turn a story into an Interactive Experience. For younger students, projects with Scratch Jr. and Scratch are a great way to hand the reigns over to them and let them create their own Interactive Stories. The other is the use of ready made Electronic Kits such as Makey Makey or other simple circuits to add sounds and other features to a Story Book. Students tinker with electronics and create fun experience for themselves and their peers.  Or better yet, mix both of them and let programming, electronics, and storytelling go hand in hand. Here is a quick tutorial of how you can use Scratch and Makey Makey to make a digital story.

  • Animation: A storytelling medium that we interact with so often in our daily lives- in commercials, memes, cartoons, films, education and even awareness campaigns. Let students use animation to build projects inside the maker space. From building traditional animation devices such as a Bioscope, Zoetrope, to sketching their own flip book or to even making a Stop-Motion Animation Film with use of simple apps such as these. Animation is a great way to engage students in the art of storytelling while building essential skills in literacy and communication. Here is a look at a project, a 10 year old made with the help of his mom. Watch the video, to see what amazing things kids can do and click here to read more with a Step-by-Step Guide of how the mom and son duo did it.

  • Games, AR and more: Let students build their own augmented reality experiences or their own games and showcase their learning in a fun, engaging way. There are many apps available some paid and some free that can be used to create these experiences. Imagine a pen-paper quiz on different landforms turning into a fun trivia game or documenting a museum trip and turning it into an AR experience for others. Metaverse is an amazing app that lets you do all of this for free. They have their own youtube channel with tutorials on how to use the app and if you don’t believe how great this one is, let other educators tell you!

  • Videos, Films and Documentaries: We all have cameras built up inside our phones, tablets, and our Laptops. Make use of this opportunity. Give students a chance to shoot and edit films and documentaries on topics that are relevant to them. We are progressing towards a world of noise, where its becoming harder and harder to be heard and yet imperative that our students know how to communicate their opinions and share their stories. Turn it into a cultural dialogue or a learning resource. Let students move forward than chart papers and presentations.  Here is a list of apps (some paid and some free) that students can use to make their own films. For more resources on how to use films to build essential literacy and critical thinking skills, click here. Into Film is an organisation that is, in their own words trying to bring the films into the hearts of kids. They have many resources that an educator can use, they also have a Youtube Channel where they update films of the months, made by students.

There are endless ways to use multimedia to advance learning-think about letting students record their own podcast or radio show or let them mix up art and media and come up with interactive displays!

While working on projects such as these, students generate ideas, work on their literacy and communication skills, build their project management skills while making use of the technology available around them in the best possible way- to advance their and their peer’s learning.

Along with building a range of skills, adding a media component inside your maker space makes it more inclusive to student’s interests.

We are excited to take it back in our Space, are you?

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