Women’s Safety- A global challenge, Now with a Technological Solution

Image Source: https://www.wareable.com/wearable-tech/leaf-wearables-womens-safety-xprize-6187

From the #Metoo movement to numerous Hollywood celebrities speaking up against sexual assault, issues of women safety and women rights have gained a new momentum. More cases are being reported, more people are raising their voice, more men and women are coming together to try and fix this problem and there have been some results too. Recently, Ireland repealed its near-total ban on abortion. The California Judge Aaron Persky has been recalled for giving only a 6-month sentence to a sex offender. The global community is inching forward towards a more just and equitable society.

While all this is good news and we should celebrate such efforts, we must recognize that violence against women still remains a global threat. To fight it and solve such issues, we must complement it with innovative solutions.

Xprize, an organization started by philanthropists Anu Jain and Naveen Jain, is doing this by leveraging technologically empowered individuals and their skills and incentivizing problem-solving. They recently declared the winner of their Women Safety Xprize Competition and we are proud to say the winner is a company based out of our capital city, New Delhi and they have come up with a technological solution for Women Safety.

Leaf Wearables won the 1 million dollar prize by solving the challenge of creating a device that can trigger an emergency alert if a woman is facing a threat and transmit information to a network of community responders, all within 90 seconds. Topping that the device had to cost under $40 to ensure it’s an affordable solution.

Their solution was a device called SAFER Pro that works on miniature GSM technology and sends a signal to the community of responders and even records the audio once the alert button is pressed. The edge that SAFER Pro had over the other finalists is that it doesn’t need a smartphone.


We need more devices that are fashionable and functional and SAFER Pro combines its functionality with a minimalist design. It comes in different variants- it could be worn as a pendant or a watch thus giving its users a choice. Soon they are going to launch their product in the market. MakersBox congratulates Leaf Wearables for delivering an innovative solution and helping millions of girls and women access safety with a touch.

We hope, as a community of makers we come up with more innovative technological solutions and help build a better future for everyone.