Resin, A material to behold

Working in a Maker Space comes with a lot of perks- 3D printers and Laser Etchers are an arm’s length away, want to work on a wood-working project- Not a problem, we have the tools and we have the wood.

Tools and technology are just our thing and we tinker and work with so many of them on a daily basis that sometimes it loses its charm. Only for a while though. And then we have something new to work with and we are back to the same bubbling excitement as that of a child unwrapping a new toy.

Our new gift, if you didn’t get from the Blog title,was Resin. Resin exist naturally- it is a gooey sticky material exuded from trees- (or that’s what the definition says) but it is also manufactured synthetically. And this artificial resin, if you ask us, is a maker’s new best friend. It comes in big plastic containers and is highly inflammable. It is used for many purposes- as an adhesive, for casting, coating, in automotive industries, in engineering, you get the idea.  It also has different types- there is polyester resin and epoxy resin- different chemical components, different features.

We were inspired after looking at some resin jewelry online and picked up this fascinating material to work with.  Here is a peek of what we found and loved!

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After that, there was no looking back- the web took us to places we had never imagined. Check out this amazing wood-resin bowl. Can you find a better use of all that scrap wood maker spaces have?

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Source: Google Images 


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Are you in love yet? Because we went absolutely gaga over it. And we had set our mind that this is something we have to work on. So, our journey started. And trust us, when we say we failed- we made molds that broke, we put too much hardener in it, not enough, we didn’t sand it well, the wood and resin didn’t join, we did everything wrong we could and then finally we made it. We had figured out the exact proportion, the chemistry behind it and the door to the new world of Resin Art opened itself.

This experience also made us realize that as a Maker you have to live that philosophy everyday- Try and Try until you succeed.

Once we were done figuring things out, we decided to share this cool bit of information with our peeps, and so came the workshop- A Resin Jewelry workshop.

Take a look at our workshop images:

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Our Trial Jewelry 



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A shot from our Resin Workshop

We were overwhelmed with the response we received. Everyone went back home with their own special piece of Jewelry but we were left with a burning question- What next? What else could we do? What should we make next?

And then came these beautiful glowing night lamps.

Image may contain: night
Wood and Resin Lamps 

We have jotted down more Resin Projects, and are eager to start working on it. The scrap wood bowl is on the top of the list right now. The entire exercise with resin has reaffirmed our belief that Resin, is truly a material to behold.

Biggest perk of being a maker, you get to work with end number of things and on the way, you even get to learn, not just about the tool or material but more about yourself.

We hope this inspires you to pick up something new today- paper? Concrete? Cardboard? Glass? Well…if you are a maker, the world is your oyster.

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