Inspired by Yesterday, Advancing to Future

The number of transistors in a densely integrated circuit doubles about every two years.”

-Gordon Moore

Gordon Moore. The Co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductors and Intel filed a research paper in 1965, stating that the number of transistors in a densely integrated circuit doubles every two years. When Toshiba launched their line of Laptops back in 1985, they were 4 times the size of present laptops and Mac books. To give you an idea, let’s compare the size of a Windows Laptop from 1995, and an Apple Mac Book Pro 2017.

Macbook 2017 and Toshiba Satellite 1995

You can clearly see the difference. From Screen Size to thickness, everything is reduced in our current computers. Making The Moore’s Law obsolete in 2018.

To explore further, I decided to open up both the machines and explore what’s inside them. But first, let’s see what both the machines have in their physical layout.


The Satellite has dedicated a port to connect everything. And that is really impressive for a laptop from 1995 to have an external Ethernet card, external wifi card, 3 audio jacks, and a port to connect an external monitor, parallel ports for printers, CD Drive, Floppy Drive and even a USB port along with PS2 connectors for external mice. Undoubtedly, this is an exceptional powerhouse. If we keep 1995 in mind.

Now, if we have a look towards MacBook Pro from 2017, it is what the modern world needs. Extremely Lightweight, and minimalist ports placed on both the sides. Equipped with SD card slot, USB ports, Mini HDMI, and Ethernet port along with a DVD-R/W Drive.

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In next phase of exploration, I simply open up both the machines, starting with Toshiba Satellite.

I must say, opening this beast of a machine was not an easy task. Everything in this machine is jam-packed by screws. From the battery to the hard disk, even the Ethernet card and wireless card too. Powered by a Pentium 2 Processor from Intel and a 64 GB HDD which is not even SATA, and 128 MB RAM, this machine had too many removable parts.

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Whereas, when it came to Macbook Pro 2017, there was only one closure, the bottom plate and when I opened it, everything was there. The Intel i5 Processor, along with a Solid State Drive and Battery, plus all the ports and devices mounted on a single motherboard. Rendering Moore’s Law Obsolete.

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Gordon Moore himself stated that Moore’s Law became obsolete the moment we had smartphones launched in the market.

But the real reason, we were able to reduce the size of a computer was not just lack of space on our desks. It was the inspiration from technology that drove it further. It’s hunger for being better and striving to be the best.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that Technological advancements across all these years have not only made our lives easier but inspired us to achieve more. And looking at the present scenario, it’s just the beginning.