5 Makers Making a Difference

As makers, we are always thinking of the next big innovation, the next idea which will change the world. We are always trying to fix something or trying to break something else or trying to find the cheapest spare part or figuring out the most effective solution. And that’s what defines a maker? Doesn’t it? Someone who is always thinking of solving a problem and working on it.

Not all makers are computer geeks or expert woodworkers. The maker community is all-inclusive. If you have the drive to solve a problem and you work on it, you are most definitely a maker.

And, on this World Environment Day, MakersBox would like to shed some light on individuals and projects that are positively impacting our environment.

1. Precious Plastic

Dave Hekkens started this project back in 2013 when he realized how huge the problem of the plastic waste was.  He started making his own machines (with the help of passionate makers like him)  that could help him recycle plastic. And now he makes cool things with all the plastic he recycles in his space. The best part about precious plastic is that all their designs are open source. So if you want to recycle plastic, let precious plastic be your guide.

2. FlipFlopi

The FlipFlopi team, working out of Kenya, is on the quest to solve the problem of plastic in the Ocean by making a boat. Wait a minute, what’s great about that? Believe it or not, they are making a boat of recycled plastic and guess what’s the one object that they have collected in abundance? Flip Flops. Next time you buy a new pair of Flip Flops, think of where the old one is ending up at. Most probably, in the ocean. Join the #plasticrevolution by supporting The Flipflopi Expedition for as less as 10$.

3. The Restart Project

From plastic waste to e-waste. How many of us have old mobile phones lying around? Old DVD players? A Walk Man that doesn’t work? An electric kettle or an iron? Either collecting dust at home or ending up in landfills. E-waste is the fastest growing stream of waste in recent times, and The Restart Project has come up with a solution for it. They are helping you fix your relationship with electronics and thus reducing the e-waste. How? Check out their video to find out.

4. The Seabin Project

Started by two avid surfers (reminds us that anyone can be a maker) Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglenski, this one goes back to one of the biggest environmental threat- polluted oceans. They ended up a creating a very effective product- Seabin, (to break it down, if it’s not obvious, its a Dustbin for the Sea). And it can catch quite a lot of trash in a year-90,000 plastic bags, 37,500 disposable cups, 16,500 plastic bottles, 1,66,500 plastic utensils. Impressive, huh? But also tells you how much trash we produce. Anyone can order this product from their website and help clean the ocean.

5. Sundara

Closer back home, we have makers of a very different kind. Women who are collecting waste soaps, yes you heard it right, soaps from the hotels and recycling them to make affordable soaps for lower income group. The project doesn’t end there, they raise awareness around hygiene, empower women by making them financially independent, improve the overall healthcare quality and recycle waste. Is there something they don’t do? This project clearly shows a change doesn’t have to be big, an innovation doesn’t have to be too complex and sometimes the most effective solution is the most simple one.

We salute their effort and hope in near time, the maker community, comes up with more solutions that help leave a cleaner planet for our future generation. If you know of projects, maker spaces or makers who are working on projects or ideas that positively impact the environment, let us know in the comment below.

And if you have an idea, but do not have space or hardware to work on it, come over to our maker space and let us get on a journey to bring a change, together.