Meet The Maker: Gaurav Ganguly

If it can be done, do it at home. If it can’t be done, it can definitely be tried at home.

Name: Gaurav Ganguly

Vocation: Architect. Building Conservation

Operates out of: C R Park, Delhi

Alma Mater: Jamia Millia Islamia(B.Arch)

Past Projects: PVC bike luggage rack, Dual monitor Stand

Current Project: Scale model of motorbike

A making technique you can’t wait to try: Arduino and Raspberry Pi(Electronics)

Gaurav Shows us his Camera Jig that he made with PVC Pipes


Gaurav Ganguly is a man with many hats. An architect by profession, he travels, photographs, does theatre, makes models, sculptures and art in his free time. In this week’s edition of our ongoing Meet The Maker series he talks about making, not just as a hobby but also as active lifestyle choice. (He is so particular about his things and how they are done that he cut his own hair as well as his dad’s at home!)

You got into making because…

My Grandfather was the one who really encouraged me. As a kid, I didn’t have model making techniques as such; I would just just use boxes lying around the house, say a box of skin cream or something similar and use a lot of tape and make models with that. My parents once complained that I was wasting so much money on the tape, but my Grandfather quipped that at least I wasn’t doing drugs with the money, I was building stuff.

So that started me off on to making models and I continue that till this day. I prefer to do things by hand, say as opposed to laser cutting I would do hand cutting because it gives a better finesse and secondly the satisfaction of doing it yourself is there. I understand that techniques like 3D printing are need of the hour, but I prefer to do a market research of the material I will be needing and using and make models by hand.
When you need a Dual Monitor Stand - You Make One

Past Projects…

I made a lot of stuff, especially models of toys earlier. Now I have shifted towards more functional models. A lot that I build now are accessories from material lying around say plumbing supplies. Take for instance this mount(Camera Shoulder Rig) for my camera because I need to have a steady cam while shooting videos. Made from PVC. Or the Rode mike stand, since I needed one and once I studied the design of the one available in market there was no point in spending so much money on it. I fashioned one out of cardboard rolls, sunboard and rubber bands. It gets easily attached to the camera when I need to record audio with the mike. Then there’s the dual monitor stand, again with PVC and coat hangers that supports both my monitors and there’s quite a lot of freedom for rotating them.


I wanted a katana and since no one would get me one, I designed it, chiselled the wood and made one myself. And I come across a lot of bird feathers while doing wildlife photography and I enjoy writing, so I designed and created writing quills out of the feathers I have collected. There are also scale models of guns that we use while doing theatre. And I would make masks out of Plaster of Paris, modelled on my own face. See for this Redhood helmet I used ether flex(foam like material used to make soles of shoes) for the flexibility, for depth of eyes I used 12mm thick thermacol pieces and I actually raided an ATM, not for the money, but for the vinyl that they use for their signs to make the see through eye holes and there’s the velcro to fasten it once the helmet is put on.


I recently came across a Royal Enfield that was lying unused in the garage of a friend’s dad. He was kind enough to lend the bike to me and the first thing I did was strip it down and check the wiring. Then I proceeded to put together LED strips since the bike needed better lights. You can see the lights are mounted on sunboard, covered with acrylic sheet and powered by the battery. Then I used PVC to make a side carrier that is fastened to the bike with cable ties. Pretty sturdy stuff, saved my leg from getting cracked in an accident. So yeah, this is the kind of things I have made.




Currently working on…

So I had a lot of rubbish lying around the house and I wanted to make something with that so I made this scaled model of a motorbike. You could say it is modelled sort of after UM or Harley. You can see I used straws for parts of the body as well as old Parker pen metal refills, cardboard rolls from aluminium foils and old sellotape rolls. Now I am scaling this up, to make a bigger model.


Tools that you use…

Mainly I use Exacto(precision blade) and Snapon(box-cutter). Alongside these electrically operated tools like drills,glue guns. Some of the projects also needed hand saws, but these are the tools that mainly get used.


Thoughts on the maker movement…

It is again, the need of the hour. We can’t simply keep calling people to do work that can be done with your own hands with a little time and effort. A for being part of this movement, I am I would say pretty sparse in my contributions but slowly catching up with the rest of the guys.


Changes you’d like to see happening in the movement…

One thing that irks me is that there is a big gap between somebody like me who wants to buy materials and the local market selling that stuff. At times there is a problem due to the lingo used; you look things up on the net and the vendors are unable to identify it unless you explain in terms they are used to. And there is also the issue about quantity one can buy, there is little awareness in terms of individuals needing certain supplies as opposed the vendors trying to sell items in bulk. I hope this improves.


A word for the new makers out there…

If it can be done, do it at home. If it can’t be done, it can definitely be tried at home.


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