Meet the Maker: Himanshu Verma

Himanshu Verma at Work - Picture courtesy Samhitha Prashanth

“There is a reward that making something new gives you.”

Name: Himanshu Verma

Vocation: Pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Operates out of: Manipal, Udupi ( Near Mangalore )

Alma Mater: Mayoor School, Noida

Past Projects: Robo cold drink server, Dancing Robot, Arduino Book Cricket, OMR grader

Current Project: Automated Eye Drop Dispenser (i-Drop [working title]) 

A making technique you can’t wait to try: 3D pritning my own designs, Laser cutting, waterjet cutting, SMD component PCB designing

Favourite YouTube Channels: Vsauce, Veritassium, TheViralFever, East India Comedy



This week’s Maker for our ongoing Meet the Maker series is Himanshu Verma. Currently a third year Electrical and Electronics Engineer at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, he is interested in Robotics and Automation. He also has his own facebook page by the name RoboGenes.

You got into making because…

When I was small I liked making houses out of cardboard boxes, I collected Toothpaste and Soap Packaging to do this. I wanted to make new designs, bigger houses, it was something I really enjoyed doing. I was always interested in science and I wanted to do something good for all my school/college projects. I bought a few electronics kits from Vishweswarya science museum. and even joined a science project club during school, where we made a few things. In 2011 I got introduced to Arduino which helped me develop good electronics projects with ease. After that I got into making Robotics related projects.



Currently working on…

I am currently working on a project I call i-Drop. I am using tools such as Autodesk Fusion 360, Eagle and Arduino. The project is aimed at helping people with motor disorders like Parkinson’s disease as well as those with low vision. The idea is to let the user select the number of eye drops and dispense them via touch buttons. It dispenses the liquid one drop at a time with a gap of 6 seconds between two successive drops.

In college while being a part of  the RoboManipal team I and a friend made a low cost OMR grader using MATLAB, webcam and Arduino in order to speed up and simplify the job of screening through the OMR sheets of the various applicants that would apply for the team.

iDro Machine that Dispenses Eye Drops by Maker Himanshu Verma


Tools that you use…

As a member of RoboManipal team, I get access to a variety of tools like angle grinder, drilling machine, etc. We also have paid 3D printing facility in our innovation centre. There is also a laser cutter installed recently.



That extra bit, which making adds to life…

It gives you happiness that you can make products that just money can’t buy. There is a reward making something new gives you.

Thoughts on the maker movement…

It helps like minded people to meet, add up their skills and make something new. With the various social media sites becoming important , there is a good online community of makers who can help each other easily. Earlier if you had an idea and didn’t have the skill or knowledge to go further with it, it would stay an idea. Now you can always collaborate and learn from others like you. Ideas are easily executable with help from other makers. Makerspaces are vital in guiding and helping in this execution.



Changes you’d like to see happening in the movement…

More people should join in. Right now I see the movement restricted primarily to the metro cities of India; that’s where most of the Makerspaces are – I had even worked out of Nuts N Bolts in the Past. We need spaces to open up in schools and colleges in smaller cities too, that is how more people will be able to join in.

One maker you’re really inspired by…

Varun Heta sir who started Makerspace Delhi. I met him when I attended a workshop while still in school. He introduced me to the concept of Makerspaces and his work inspires me to make things of my own.

What next…

I will learn how to make mechanical designs (CAD), how to 3D print, make commercial PCBs and Product designing.

A word for the new makers out there…

Just make whatever you like, be it technical or non-technical. Go to makerspaces, get the required tools, collaborate and build stuff.


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