Watch, Learn and Make: 5 YouTube channels for Makers

We makers love to make stuff, and at times when we see what others are making, it inspires us to go ahead and create more stuff. Youtube is one great resource which connects makers across the globe, talking about what you are doing. Whether you are looking for the next project you are going to make or you are a newbie at Do-It-Yourself and need a little guidance, a dash of motivation and a pinch of inspiration, Here are 5 of our favourite Youtube Maker Channels that you must watch:


1. I Like To Make Stuff

The appeal of this channel lies in its maker Bob, and the sincerity he brings to the projects he works on. Showcasing all the steps involved, along with the failures encountered as well as last minute hacks, he presents to the viewers ‘making‘ in a relatable and demystified fashion. Great if you are looking for projects involving woodwork, 3D printing and electronics.


2. Make

The people at Make Magazine have some amazing content, and the videos of this channel are engaging, easy to follow and usually employ items that are readily available. They focus on ‘making‘ with day to day needs in mind, coming up with quirky projects that makes working on them as enjoyable as the end product.


3. DIY Tryin

Interested in watching two wacky cool guys seemingly winging it while working on uber-cool projects involving electronics, IOT and Cloud? This is your jam then, as Patrick Norton and Michael Norton inspire in you the spirit of ‘building it‘ or ‘die tryin‘ !


4. Adafruit Industries

Lady Ada has been an inspiration to many of us who love the Electronics world, and this is the official Youtube Channel for her company Adafruit Industries. A great place to learn do-it-yourself electronics, as well as getting creative with most of the boring electronics stuff that you might have been doing. The upside is that not only do they tell you what you can do, but they also stock most of the sensors making it easier to order from one stop and get your project going. There are tons of tutorials, as well livestreams where you can ask an engineer – questions that you always wanted to ask.


5. The Ben Heck Show

Want to not simply build, but also have a thorough knowledge of the works involved? This channel puts out extensive tutorial videos, that are an easy watch owing to the host Ben Heck, who is not only a kickass maker but also a great host. All in all, you learn while you have fun, and build something alongside!


Hope you like these channels! Happy Making! Oh and By the way, did you know that MakersBox also has a Youtube channel, why not check that out too at