Print With Upto 4 Different Filaments Simultaneously on Pam

pam the printer 2

If you thought your dual extruder printer was amazing, wait till you check out Pam. A brand new 3D Printer, the Pam is designed with a printing resolution of 40 μm in mind and can print with up to 4 different materials simultaneously. 

Pollen, the makers of Pam, claim that the 3D Printer works with a vast range of materials that includes thermoplastics to silicone. Based on the material, you can expect to get traits like flexibility, elasticity, transparency or more. The printer ships with its own slicing software called Honeyprint. The cool thing here is that it can be remotely controlled from pretty much any device allowing for remote printing. There is also an API available in case you want to further extend your slicing experience. The printer has built in WiFi support as well to enable wireless 3d Printing.

The print bed size is 30 x 30cm and the printer can manage speeds as high as 400mm/s. Predictably, the Pam is a very expensive printer with an introductory price of EUR 8000 and going up to EUR 16000 when it is widely available in 2017.

[Via – 3D Printing Industry]




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