Plastic Bottle Air Cooler Brings Respite When Air Conditioning Isn’t An Option

eco cooler 2

For countries like India and Bangladesh amongst others, summers prove a unique challenge. The sweltering heat in combination with frequent power cuts means that the vast majority of the masses are left in temperatures that go well over 40 degrees Celcius. When a vast majority of the country doesn’t have access to electricity and air-conditioning is a luxury beyond reach, what do you do?

It was this very thought that spurred Ashis Paul to develop a new form of DIY cooling system that is dependent on empty plastic bottles. Called Eco-Coolers, they’ve already been deployed across over 25,000 homes. The company terms it the world’s first zero electricity air cooler. The entire contraption is incredibly simple in construction yet surprisingly effective. Assembly requires just a board that is cut to fit the size of the window. Following this, you cut out bottleneck sized holes in the entire board. Stick in the cut open bottles to the holes and fix the entire assembly to the window. 

When attached to the window, the wider portion of the bottles that has been cut open scoops and forces air into the house. The Eco Cooler has the potential to lower temperatures by up to 5 degrees. The concept behind the Eco Cooler is very similar to how pursing your lips causes you to feel cooler air. Like pursed lips, the neck of a plastic bottle compresses the air. As the hot air pushes towards the rim of the bottle it starts expanding, this rapid expansion cools the air down.

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