Cornell Research Might Let You Manipulate Your 3D Print On-TheFly

cornell 3d

And now for yet another innovation in 3D Printing! Ever worked on a prototype but realized that you need to change just one section of the print? You’ve got two options, either cancel the job or start a fresh one after completing this. However, if new research at Cornell makes its way to commercial printers, you might soon have a third option that could save you a lot of time and effort.

Researchers at the university have developed a new interactive prototyping system. The “on-the-fly” 3D printing solution outputs design as its being worked on to a CAD file which would allow you to test, measure or change a model while it is still printing. The printer outputs using a wire frame construction, similar to a 3Doodler pen and gives you a rough idea of the entire print job. In case you want to remove something to test and measure, you can remove the pieces as the entire base is held together by magnets. You can pause or resume the print as you wish, the printer will then pause only when it reaches the portion that had to be changed. The entire system has the potential to revolutionize the entire prototyping process by letting you build as you go.

[Via – Engadget]



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