Airbus Unveils Thor, A Fully 3D Printed Drone

Airbus Thor

If you thought 3D printed motorcycles were cool, wait till you check out what Airbus has in store. At the Berlin Air Show, Airbus introduced Thor, a new drone that was built exclusively using 3D  printed parts. Airbus has used polyamide filament to create everything that isn’t electrical. 

Thor is about 13 feet long and weighs just about 46 pounds. The entire manufacturing process is quick and doesn’t require any tools for assembly. Airbus has also been successful in reducing the engine injection assembly to 3 parts down from a massive 270 parts.

airbus thor 2

While Thor is predominantly a tech demo, it serves as a precursor to ever increasing levels of integration of 3D printing into regular manufacturing.In fact, Airbus is expected to use 3D printed components heavily in their upcoming Ariane 6 rocket which will reduce costs massively.



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