Black & Decker’s Connected Batteries Make Your Power Tools Smarter

Black & Decker Smartech

We’ve all been in situations where we find out drill or other cordless tool low on charge just when we needed to use it. What if there was a better way to know that you’re low on charge? Announced back at CES, Black & Decker has finally introduced its range of Smartech batteries for a fairly wide range of products. 

The batteries can be attached to any 20V Black and Decker Max power tool and small vacuums that you might own. The packs themselves integrate bluetooth and work with your phone via an app to pass on critical information. You can use the app to monitor power levels on the battery, turn it on or off and even to locate a lost battery / drill attached to the battery. Pretty nifty indeed! But that’s not all, the Smartech battery also serves as a charging pack for phones and tablets over a built in USB port. The batteries are available now for $69 but if you’re missing a cordless drill, Black & Decker has you covered with a combo deal at $79. The drills are available now at Amazon and more. App links located in the source below.

[Source – Black & Decker | Play Store | App Store]