Airbus Introduces The Light Rider 3D Printed MotorBike, Priced At €50,000

Apworks Light rider 2

There’s a new motorbike in town and this time it is 3D printed. Called the Light Rider, it was launched by European aviation giant Airbus in Germany on 20th May. Airbus subsidiary ApWorks, a specialist in additive layer manufacturing, is responsible for manufacturing the extremely limited production run of the bike. 

Unlike usual 3D printed objects, The Light Rider uses aircraft grade aluminum and boasts of a formidable and complex exoskeleton which according to ApWorks chief executive Joachim Zettler wouldn’t have been possible with orthodox production technologies like welding or milling.

What sets this bike apart is that while it weighs 77 pounds; the frame, held together by hollow pipes specially designed to hold the wires and cables, weighs roughly 30% less than that of many existing e-bikes. Coupled with this is its ability to go at 50 mph (80 kph) and give about 37 miles (60 kilometers) per charge which gives it fairly significant autonomy.

ApWorks Light Rider

Don’t count on walking into any motorbike showroom for a test drive of this exclusive beauty though since Airbus is currently selling only 50 such bikes each priced at $56,095.  You can look at pre-ordering here : APWorks

[Source – AirBus]