Watch British Maker, Colin Furze, show off homemade Hoverbike

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Anakin Skywalker racing across the desert sands of Tatooine on his hoverbike is a pivotal moment of cinema history that we can’t forget. It also harkens to a time much further ahead than ours. While the movie talks of time when hovering bikes, inter-galactic travel and fairly sentient robots are the norm, we are a fair few decades away from that reality. That certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t want to experience it though! 


And so did British inventor, Colin Furze, when he set out to build a hoverbike in his own garage. Now have no doubt that this hasn’t been done before. In fact, MA Hoverbike and Aeroflex, both already have hoverbikes. The difference of course lies in the amount of effort that has gone in to fabricate the entire assembly and build it out as an individual.

Colin Furze

Colin details the entire process on his YouTube channel but suffice it to say that this is a labour of love that required a lot of blood, sweat and tears with a large dose of luck thrown in. Through a video series, Furze details the amount of sheet metal that he had to get rid off to be able to lift his own weight as payload. This of course made the Hoverbike progressively dangerous but when has that stopped the progression of technology? Now all said and done, Colin Furze’s Hoverbike is a feat of amazing makership but we really recommend that nobody should attempt to follow his steps. As is evident in the video, the hoverbike is a very dangerous vehicle and more so due to lack of any control over the pitch/yaw. Anyways, we highly recommend that you go check out the rest of his videos over at YouTube. Happy Making!

[Via – Colin Furze YouTube]





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