Leave No One Behind

Speech + Hearing Impaired Students -1Inspire.Innovate.Invent. These three words mean a lot at MakersBox. As we started our journey with a dream to make a difference, we aimed to be inclusive. Our mission is to make sure that no learner gets left behind. From our slum school at Dr. Ruhi Foundation School to our Ideathons for underprivileged girl children, we strive to reach out to one and all.

At MakersBox Karnal, our lab sits in close proximity to Mata Prakash Kaur Center for the Speech & Hearing Impaired. We decided to host a workshop for the enthusiastic students there to give them an introduction to electronics and to introduce them to a world of robotics, 3D printing, Lego and more.

Speech + Hearing Impaired Students -4

Through our Artbot workshop that is a beautiful representation of our S.T.E.A.M. ideology, we taught the learners how to meld creativity with electronics to create their own robots. The sky is the limit when it comes to Making and we saw some very innovative designs from the youngest of the lot.

Speech + Hearing Impaired Students -6

We also held a Lego session for the students who got a chance to build and play with a Mindstorms kit. This was followed by a 3D Printing session where the children printed out small toys like airplanes and bicycles.

Speech + Hearing Impaired Students -1-2

Toys like the bicycle were printed out in kit form so that the children could apply skills and assemble it, with the 3D Printing workshop ending in a project. While the workshop culminated at the end of the day, the learnings instigated a life long interest in Making and inculcating a DIY attitude.