Behind The Scenes: Making MakersBox Karnal

It all starts with a dream. Ours started with our plan to expand beyond our R&D facility and to spread the Maker culture across India so when we organized our first Makethon in Haryana last December, little did we know that Karnal would play host to our first ever Public Private Partnership Innovation Lab. Developed in partnership with the local District Government, we launched our lab on 2nd April. Here’s however what went down on the days leading to the launch.

Our first step was to set up peg boards which would predominantly hold the mechanical tools. Due to the nature of the tools, a regular shelf would not have been a very efficient way to do this. A peg board instead lets us hang the tools and also change the level of support needed on a per tool basis. But first, we drill!

Everything from screw driver sets, hot glue guns to cordless drills and hammers would find a home here so added a secondary peg board to the right of the large metal board we had already installed. A full set of hanging bins were also installed for smaller items like self tapping screws and extra blades, batteries.

A center of innovation is a place where people come together to solve problems, get inspired and learn. Keeping that in mind, we built a small library dedicated to electronics education and our courseware. You’ll notice the team placing the bookshelf over at the corner. We’ve also added a lot of posters and inspirational quotes around to keep everyone motivated.

The inspiration carries over into the classroom area too. From posters to paintings to colorful seating, we aimed to create an environment which could be conducive to education while not becoming yet another school. A fun learning environment is critical to keep everyone interested and to keep the pace of learning high!

Our final focus area was the equipment corner where we set up our Dremel, soldering stations. The final bit was to place the 3D printer and test it out. Ahead of the launch event for the lab, we had decided to print a set of deer antler rings as giveaways for attendees. What better way then to callibrate and test out the printer!

And just like that, MakersBox Karnal was ready for operations! While the build itself took us 12 hours, 6 people and a whole lot of sweat, blood, the entire lab was close to 3 months in the making. Setting up and watching the end result right in front of your eyes truly is a fantastic feeling. Interested in visiting us and making use of the facility? Drop us a message or just drop in at our Delhi or Karnal facilities!