Become a High-Tech luthier by 3D Printing your own Violin

hovalin violin

We’ve all had delusions of grandeur when we decided that we’d become a violin virtuoso. No? Well, only me then i suppose. Anywho, buying a violin just to tinker around with makes little sense. But what do you do if you’ve got a 3D printer accessible around you? You print one, of course! 

Hovalin is a start up that has created an open-source 3D printed violin. The full size instrument comes with all relevant STL files available. You can download, manipulate, print and assemble the violin in just a few simple steps.

hovalin violin 2

Hovalin has very clear step by step instructions that you can follow right here. They’ve also given estimated print times for most of the components. Suffice it to say that printing out all the parts is going to take more than a few hours. The end result however is a musical instrument that is your very own creation and sounds pretty good to boot!

Do let us know if you try printing out a Hovalin violin right here in the comments section, you can also buy a pre-built violin straight from the website. In the meanwhile, check out the video above showcasing the possibilities with the Hovalin.

[Via = Hovalin]



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