Sony’s Koov kit to spearhead their STEM education initiative

sony koov steam

In a world where engineering, science and technology are part and parcel of life, STEM education is fast becoming an intrinsic part of everyday life. As government initiatives ramp up, we’re seeing an increasing amount of innovation from the private sector that has the potential to truly revolutionize technology education.

Sony too has decided to join the fray with the launch of their own digital native block based learning program. Called ‘Koov’, the program follows in the footsteps of Lego’s Mindstorm and WeDo 2.0 kits. Koov kits include 7 kinds of translucent blocks that come together and can be controlled programatically. The programming language is very visual in nature and involves a drag and drop paradigm to teach children the essence of “if-then-else” logic.

Sony is partnering with Artec Co.,  a Japanese company, to build out their kits and will be providing software, tech know how in addition to their marketing muscle. Sony Global Education, a relatively new entity under Sony global will launch Koov later this summer and intends to follow it up with similar announcements.