Interview – EdTech Startup 4S Learning is Innovating How Students Learn in India

Technology as an enabler is what the Maker movement is all about. We at MakersBox are staunch believers in the ideology that education through the use of technology and technology first education are the way forward in equal parts. A movement however can’t be led alone. Finalists of the Intel & DST Challenge, 4S Learning is one such startup that is working hard to revolutionise education in India’s rural hinterland. We spend some time with them to learn about both the technology and the ideology behind it.

4S Learning, led by Rohini Gahlaut and Buddha Burman, is amongst the latest breed of EdTech startups that are integrating high quality hardware and educational content as a service to reach out to the masses. We interacted with them as they introduced yet another slum school to the merits of a new means of education. The teacher, who has been involved with the slum school for almost 30 years now was given access to an Android tablet that came preloaded with educational content. The advantage of using an Android tablet here was the familiarity brought upon by the rampant proliferation of smartphones. This content was then broadcast over Miracast to a smart projector that makes the classroom learning experience interactive and visually appealing.

With the next step, 4S Learning plans to deploy their 4SL Box which runs on the Intel NUC platform and integrates a long range WiFi antenna to create a 1km wireless zone. Once the tablets are deployed to students, all content will get backed up the box acting as a server and will then head up to the cloud. Since the box is cloud connected, the potential use cases are unlimited. Indeed, 4SL is already planning to connect this to rural healthcare services and more.

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