Meet The Maker - Professor Dr. Alexander Fell

Meet The Maker: Dr. Alexander Fell

“Keep building, man, just keep building.” Name: Dr. Alexander Fell Vocation: Assistant Professor at IIIT-Delhi Operates out of: Delhi Alma Mater: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Past Projects: Monitoring…

Himanshu Verma at Work - Picture courtesy Samhitha Prashanth

Meet the Maker: Himanshu Verma

“There is a reward that making something new gives you.” Name: Himanshu Verma Vocation: Pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering Operates out of: Manipal, Udupi ( Near…

The Elder Wand from Harry Potter - 3D Printed at MakersBox

Of Magic and Science

As a relatively new organisation, we at MakersBox aim to cultivate habits that will serve as cherished traditions down the line. One of such…